Top 10 Best Stores of Edible Bird’s Nest Soup in USA with Great Quality and Good Price

Do you know how to choose a reputable edible bird's nest store with both great quality and price when there are now thousands of different locations with over the top advertising. Please refer to the following list:

1. Hello Nest – Dallas, Texas

Hello Nest is a trustworthy wholesale and retail distributor of edible bird’s nests… with guaranteed highest quality and unbeatable prices.

Established in 2014 by Havan, a native of Vietnam who immigrated to the United States with her family under the joint US-Vietnam Humanitarian Resettlement Program (commonly known by Vietnamese as the HO program). Havan received a prestigious 10-year scholarship that covered both her undergraduate and graduate studies. She has a Ph.D in Biomedical Science from the University of Texas Health Science Center and previously worked at the Cleveland Clinic, a top 4 hospital in the US, located in Ohio.

Her education and experience from the biomedical field has helped Havan in creating top quality products at low costs thus allowing consumers to get the biggest bang for their bucks. This is clearly a strength of Hello Nest.

Hello Nest prices are competitive compared to the market. Grade A bird’s nest is only around $200. Not to mention there are great promotions throughout the year.

Hello Nest’s edible bird’s nests are high quality at affordable price

The majority of customers agreed that Hello Nest provides the best edible bird’s nests and customer service in the US today. They make every transaction personal by being attentive and professional.

It is important to point out that Hello Nest was the number one retailer of edible bird’s nest on Amazon in 2016. Hello Nest ranked #1 in both number of satisfied customer reviews and sales, topping other brands from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia…

Follow this link to see reviews on Amazon.

Since edible bird’s nest originates from animals, it is carefully examined by governmental agencies before released for commercial distribution in the US. To circumvent this stringent process, suppliers from Hong Kong and China declared their packages of swallow bird’s nests as herbs and smuggled them through US customs.

Facing this complex problem, Amazon decided to remove all edible bird’s nest products from all suppliers and banned its sale on Amazon market place since 2017. Because of this change in regulation, Hello Nest was forced to stop selling their products on Amazon.

In addition to being the number one seller on Amazon, Hello Nest is also highly regarded on Yelp, the most reputable review channel in the United States today, and has received many praises from customers.

Currently, Hello Nest’s proprietary product, the Super Big with only 6 nests per 100g, is considered by experts to be the highest quality swallow bird’s nest on the market.

Superior Super Big nests. A wonderful gift for VIP and family members

With its strength in research and science, Hello Nest continuously strives to provide the consumers with highest quality products at low cost and unsurpassed customer service.

To celebrate the 2018 Lunar New Year, Hello Nest is offering a 20% discount, a very attractive deal on dried pure bird’s nests. This is a great opportunity to get these premium bird’s nests for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones!

Tel: 612-227-3769

2. Blessing Birdnest – Corona, California

Blessing Birdnest specializes in edible bird’s nest products in the United States with high quality and low cost. It is preferred by consumers over the years.

Blessing Birdnest’s goal is to enhance vitality with quality nutritious products allowing people to be healthy, beautiful and able to enjoy life more fully. Blessing Birdnest has launched a variety of products such as dried whole edible bird’s nest, red blood bird’s nest, golden nest, bird’s nest drinks … using bird’s saliva taken directly from facilities that it built over years in Indonesia.

Blessing Birdnest was started by successful swiftlet breeders that bonded over their love for this special type of birds. They built Blessing Birdnest with the desire to bring the most genuine swallow bird’s nests with no preservatives or fillers to the consumers.

Blessing Birdnest’s most distinctive product is the ready-to-eat bird’s nest soup jars which are made from 100% pure nests free of preservatives. This product is loved by many bird’s nest soup connoisseur.

Blessing Birdnest ready-to-eat products are delicious. Production process is highly regulated according to FDA standards.

By implementing strict quality control procedures for harvesting and hair removal, Blessing Birdnest consistently deliver high quality products to the consumers.

Blessing Birdnest follows a strict and scientific quality control process

Tel: 844-247-3637

3. Golden Nest Company – Arcadia, California

Golden Nest, with 20 years experience, is one of the key players in the industry in the United States.

As a pioneer in the market, Golden Nest has developed a distribution network covering nearly all 50 states. Golden Nest is now available in most Asian markets as well as mainstream health-focused stores… This is definitely a strength of Golden Nest compared to rival companies.

Golden Nest has a large distribution network, covering virtually all 50 states across the US.

Golden Nest have a wide range of products available in different sizes making it easy for consumer to choose based on their needs.  Also, Golden Nest ready-to-eat bird’s nest soup products are available in several flavors such as: rock sugar, dried jujube, lychee, longan … suitable for all ages and genders.

Golden Nest products are abundant and diverse.

Tel: 626-574-1719

4. Chung Chou City, San Francisco, CA – a reputable store in California with high quality edible bird’s nest

Chung Chou City specializes in health and beauty products such as Red Ginseng, Lingzhi, swallow bird’s nest soup, etc.

It is considered a credible location for distributing high quality products and is favored by consumers.

Chung Chou City is committed to selling quality merchandise and has promised to compensate 10 times the value of the order if customers found counterfeit goods. They also allow return/exchange if customers find the products not up to expected quality.

Customers in San Francisco can visit the store in person or take advantage of free delivery if ordered online.

Tel: 415-397-2288

5. Tan Sanh Ginseng & Herb, Westminster, CA – a time tested and trustworthy swallow bird’s nest store in California

Tan Sanh is one of the most well known shops in the Vietnamese-American community in Orange County, California. Besides swallow bird’s nest, they also specializes in many kinds of health supplements such as ginseng, cordyceps, lingzhi ….

As a dependable store with reasonable prices and dedicated customer service, you can rest assured of the quality of the products sold here. Don’t over look this place if you’re in the market for swallow bird’s spit soup. You will not be disappointed by the quality and price.

Tan Sanh is one of the most well known shops in the Vietnamese-American community in Orange County, CA

Tel: 888-982-8828 or 714-839-6712

6. Ten Lei Bird’s Nest, Westminster, CA – a store of cave edible bird’s nest soup in the US with warranted high quality products

When talking about swiflet bird’s nest saliva in the US, it would be a mistake not to mention Ten Lei.

Ten Lei’s most memorable feature is their brand ambassador, the famed singer Nhu Quynh. Almost every Vietnamese living abroad, particular the US, knows this beautiful talented singer.  This is a clear advantage of Ten Lei and has helped it soar above the competitors.

Ten Lei Nest depends on the famed singer Nhu Quynh as brand ambassador, a special advantage that allows Ten Lei to soar

In addition, Ten Lei is located in the heart of the Vietnamese community in Orange County, California allowing the brand to be visible to potential customers.

Ten Lei Yen is committed to selecting and delivering the most reliable quality swiftlet bird’s spit soup to enhance the health of consumers.

With its achievements over the years, Tenlei has a prominent presence in the hearts of consumers in California in particular and in the United States in general. This is definitely a dependable store worthy of your trust when you want to buy edible bird’s nest.

Tel: 714-418-9788

7. Crystal Nest Swallow Company, Pinole, CA – a store of island swallow bird’s nest soup in USA with premium quality products and great customer service

Crystal Nest is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality Indonesian bird’s nest saliva in the United States. The closed loop production process is carefully monitored to ensure quality,. They do not use intermediaries.

Crystal Nest is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality Indonesian swallow bird’s nest in USA

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Crystal Nest has successfully established themselves in high-demand markets such as Hong Kong, USA, Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan…

Workers cleaning bird’s nest saliva in Crystal Nest’s factory

“Quality over Quantity” – Crystal Nest bird’s spit nest are completely processed by hands, using pure water free cleaning chemicals and preservatives.

A well oiled machine, Crystal Nest delivers maximum value to customers by offering farm to table products and cutting intermediaries. Crystal Nest believes that customers will be most satisfied when using their products.

Tel: 510-964-9299

8. Yin Wall City Store, Chicago, Illinois – a store of cave swiftlet bird’s nest saliva in USA with reliable quality products

Yin Wall City is among trustworthy suppliers of edible bird’s nest soup in the United States today. High quality products at low cost, Yin Wall City is preferred by customers.

Yin Wall City also specializes in Ginseng, Ginseng, Tea, Herbs and other health supplement  foods from famous brands.

Yin Wall City is a familiar address of many in Chicago as well as in the United States when there is demand for cave bird’s spit soup and other health foods.

Tel: 312-225-2888

9. Bird’s Nest King Distributor, San Francisco, CA – a store of island swiftlet bird’s spit soup in California with professional customer service and high quality products

Bird’s Nest King Distributor pride itself on always putting quality of products first. It is trusted and preferred by many customers. When purchased from this store, customers can rest assured that products were responsibly sourced.

In addition, the owner enthusiastically offers personalized advice on the most suitable products according to the budget of customers.

Tel: 415-665-1138

10. Tian Bao Bird’s Nest, New York, NY – a store of cave swiftlet bird’s spit soup in USA with warranted quality products

Tian Bao is a renowned distributor of Bird’s Nest products, favored by consumers for many years.

Edible bird’s nest provided by Tian Bao are carefully selected from the source before import to ensure purity, free of fillers and preservatives. A proven process that consistently deliver high quality products.

Even a connoisseur would approve of the quality of Tian Bao’s products and return for more. Tian Bao is also committed to refunding the purchase if the product is considered poor quality or counterfeited.

Tel: 347-833-8888

Counterfeit edible bird’s nest or bird’s nest soup with unknown origin usually do not carry any nutritional value.  Not to mention other health risks as they are often contained unknown toxic chemicals. So when looking to buy this delicacy, informed consumers should pay visits to reliable sources. By providing this list of top 10 best stores of edible bird’s nest soup in the US, we hope you will choose the right place for your health needs.

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